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4 ways men can effectively shave

          As a member of the United States Navy shaving is a part of my daily routine. I have very sensitive skin and I noticed red bumps and razor burn every time I shave my head and beard. As a frequent shaver with sensitive skin it becomes very frustrating when you’re unable to find an effective product that meets your needs. When my wife introduced me to Shea Moisture Shave for men I was a bit hesitant because of previous experiences with different shaving creams.  After shaving with Shea Moisture Shave I saw a huge difference in my shaving regimen. Here are 4 ways you can effectively shave using Shea Moisture Men.

1. Clean Skin- Ensure that you thoroughly wash your skin with warm water and mild soap. This will help open your pores and soften your hair follicles making it easier for you to shave. Mild soap is best to use because it doesn’t take away the natural oils you produce. Also, shaving on clean skin is highly recommended; if you skip this step you risk exposing your open pores to dirt and bacteria.

2. Quality Razor- Alway's shave with a good quality razor! Dull razors will create razor burn and leave you with a rash. I shave with Schick Hydro 5 sensitive razor blade, it has an instant lubricating protection and it gives me a clean shave on my head and beard. I used other brands such as Gillette but my go to razor is Schick Hydro because it’s more effective for me. Make sure you invest in a good razor; cheap razors can irritate your skin. Before you shave remember to always wet your razor to help lubricate the blade for a gentle shaving experience.

3. Shaving Cream- finding the perfect shaving cream that fits your skin type is essential. Shea Moisture Shave (African Black Soap Shave Butter Crème) is a creamy shaving cream.  It has a great consistency which is not too liquidity or too thick and It left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I loved that it had a masculine smell that wasn’t overpowering. While shaving I noticed that I didn’t have to use much so a little goes a long way. Also, it was able to get a close shave without irritation this is what I expect every time I shave.

4. After Shave- Shea moisture men has an awesome product called After Shave Elixir with tea tree oil and Shea butter. This product contains natural ingredients and it helps tighten and clean out your pores. I’m very much satisfied with this product because I usually experience stinging and burning with many after shaves due to my sensitive skin. The After Shave Elixir has a cooling effect that was pleasurable and it moisturized skin.

         Overall all, I found that these steps allowed me to effectively shave without any problems. Sticking to a simple regimen can allow your shaving experience to become effective. I hope you enjoyed my post and remember to take your time it is not a race!