Vegan Desserts

Vegan desserts are disgusting! That's all I hear when I say I'm going to have a vegan snack. Nine times out of ten the person saying it to me has never tried a vegan dessert. I think the word Vegan just throws some people who eat animal products off. Let me just say that vegan desserts are actually good. Now, I will be honest and say that I've tried some vegan desserts that I did not particularly enjoy. My standards are very high when it comes to dessert,  do not mess up my dessert! My husband can attest that I am the queen of sweets. 

On one particular day My daughter and I had a mommy and me day! I'm trying to transition her into becoming a vegetarian so I went to a local bakery here in Virginia Beach, VA called My Vegan Sweet Tooth. My eyes went straight to the cupcake section and I immediately fell in love with the Red Velvet cupcake. Yes, it gets that serious when I get food, it was love at first sight. I ordered a red velvet cupcake and a strawberry ice cream. Jaiden ordered a vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and we were both in heaven. I'm telling you, if the store's name didn't start with vegan I wouldn't have known the difference. I was pleasantly surprised with the moisture of the cupcake and how it tasted identical to a traditional red velvet cupcake. The ice cream was soft served and I could tell that it was made with fresh strawberries. My palette was having a party! 

Surprisingly, my daughter enjoyed her vanilla ice cream and if you have kids or have been around children, you know they will tell you the truth. We loved everything about this bakery and I can't wait to take Jaiden back. I was amazed by the selection of foods served in the bakery from the cookies, cupcakes, cannolis, cinnamon buns, breads, homemade chili and more, and they even have a items that are gluten free. What I really liked most about My Vegan Sweet Tooth was how we were greeted and taken care of, the woman who served us was so sweet and very patient. Despite the tasty treats, I believe customer service is very important.  

I challenge you to try a vegan dessert and if you're in Virginia Beach check out My Vegan Sweet Tooth and tell them Natrulee Phresh sent you. 


This post was not sponsored this is my own personal opinion.