12 Daily Affirmations Parents should share with their children.

As a parent, I try my hardest to uplift my child's confidence daily. I go through daily affirmations with my daughter to boost high self-esteem and raise her confidence. I believe daily affirmations bring forth a positive change in a person that keeps them from self-sabotage. I have personally struggled with low self-esteem at one point in my life and I never want my child to feel she's not worthy of anything. Here are 12 daily affirmations that my daughter and I came up with for parents to share with their kids.

1. I am unique, I am smart, I am special and I am me. 

Explaining to a child that it's okay to be different will help them better accept who they are. Everyone is different in their own way, just because they're different from their peers doesn't make them less than them. 

2. I am a leader, I will lead by example and make good choices.

The next generation will be our leaders one day. I try my hardest to instill the importance of leading by example. My daughter understands that all leaders have to follow someone at one point in her life but she understands to follow those who are positive role models.

3. I know my worth and I accept who I am.

I love this affirmation. Accepting who you are is a form of self-love.

4. I have amazing potential! I will continue to learn, make wise choices and be respectful.

The potential that we have is great. There is no limit to what we can do that's why it's important to always respect others, make wise choices and continue learning. 

5. I will stand tall and not let fear get in the way of dreaming big.

I shared with my daughter about how I let fear stop me from doing a lot of things when I was younger. Things I wish I had the courage to do. It's definitely important to face your fears head on. 

6. I am beautiful/ handsome and I am enough.

Seeing the beauty in yourself is an amazing thing. It's important for our children to know they don't have to change their appearance to please others. 

7. Today, I will treat others with kindness and respect. I will help someone who is in need. 

I always remember my mother telling me to treat others how I would want to be treated. This is one of my mottos. 

8. Good things will come to me today. 

Sometimes you just have to speak things into existence.

9. I forgive myself for my mistakes. No one is perfect and I have learned from my mistakes.

It's a great lesson for us parents to teach our child that it's okay to make a mistake and learn from it. They are not a failure because they made a mistake, it's a lesson learned. 

10. Today, I choose to only have positive thoughts.

The mind it a powerful tool, and I truly believe that thoughts become things (The Law of Attraction).

11. I can do anything I set my mind on, and I can get through anything.

Sometimes we have to be reminded that whatever we are faced with we will get through it. 

12. I am intelligent and capable of learning. I am ready to learn and will try my best to understand.

As a child, I took longer than others when it came to a certain subject, but I was always willing and ready to learn. Always try your best to get the right answer. 

I hope you and your child enjoyed the affirmations my daughter and I wrote together. Affirmations not only help you and your child bond together, but it will give them long lasting positive reinforcement. It is important for us parents to encourage, support and most importantly love our children. Affirming their self-confidence is a great start to help our children if they are faced with negative messages from their peers. Confidence is key, and daily affirmations is a great start to build it up.