Vintage Fashion

 Accessories in this picture are from Worn and Homespun.

Accessories in this picture are from Worn and Homespun.

Anyone who really knows me will tell you that I LOVE Vintage Fashion. I admire the different trends and looks from the past and I feel a deep connection between each era. I came across a vintage boutique in my area called Worn and Homespun in Hampton, VA and I instantly fell in love. Whenever I go shopping, and fall in love with a store I tend keep it a secret BUT I can't keep it to myself. This boutique has items for a reasonable price that won't break your pocket. 

When I first entered the boutique, the first thing that caught my eye were the vintage dressers and vanity set. I appreciated the mixture of different cultures within the clothing, wall art and accessories inside the store. While I shop for clothes I tend to choose vintage items and twist them into my personality, in Worn and Homespun it was easy for me to do that. The items were trendy for today's phreshest fashion. 

Not only were the clothes and accessories hot, the boutique offered a perfect display of handbags and shoes to compliment your outfit. Many of which are trending to today's fashion, consisting of shoes that are edgy to classy. In addition, Worn and Homespun offers clothes for women who are petite to plus size and during my last visit I noticed how they began to expand their selection for men. The quality of the clothes are impeccable and comfortable, these are very important factors when I pick out clothes. 

It doesn't stop there, Worn and Homespun supports and sells items from local vendors. I truly appreciate how the owner remained loyal to entrepreneurs in the area. There are body butters, natural hair gels, deodorant, hair products, mixed nuts, apple butter and more in the store. If you're a tea lover, the boutique has an amazing assortment of teas and if you follow them on social media they have tea tastings. How cool is that? To those of you who live in the Hampton Roads area be sure to stop by the boutique located at 12 Old Town Lane in Hampton, VA and tell them Natrulee Phresh sent you. If you live far away there are select items for purchase online at Here are a few more pieces I love from Worn and Homespun.