5 Ways to grow healthy hair

Hey Y'all! I'm so excited to share with you 5 ways to grow healthy hair. I get asked on a daily bases how my hair grew so fast. It's amazing when I pull down a curl strand or even straighten my hair how many people ask how my hair grew so quickly or if my hair is a weave. Growing healthy hair is very simple, so lets take a look at these 5 ways to grow healthy hair. 

1. Clean scalp- In order for you to grow healthy hair, it's imperative to keep a clean scalp. Not only will build up from products cause dandruff, it can also cause yeast on your scalp, these two factors can suffocate your scalp which will prevent your hair from growing. Using a clarifying shampoo will wash away build up and any unwanted debris. Sometimes I use an apple cider vinegar rinse to clean my scalp, it may sound nasty but it works wonders, just make sure you immediately condition your hair to prevent dryness. Remember, plants need water to grow and we need (healthy) food to eat in order for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle the same rules apply with growing healthy hair. 

2. Deep Conditioning- The benefits of regularly using deep conditioners on your hair provides moisture, elasticity, and add body to your hair, this enhances growth and leads to healthy hair. I deep condition both my daughter and I's hair once a week, I let the conditioner sit in our hair for 30 minutes and rinse it out. One of my favorite deep conditioners is Aussie 3 minute miracle; it leaves our hair soft and moist. If you don't deep condition your hair once a week, I would suggest trying it for a while you will find positive results. 

3. Protein Treatments- I found that giving my hair a monthly protein treatment helped enhance the growth in my hair. Protein treatments strengthens and temporarily repairs your hair. Whenever I straighten my hair, I immediately apply Palmers Deep Conditioning Protein pack in my hair for 30 minutes on my washday. A protein treatment delivers vitamins and replenishes your hair shaft with the necessary oils needed. 

4. Low Manipulation- This is my best friend, as hard as it may sound you must leave your hair alone. I rarely touch my hair, I must admit when my hair first started growing after my big chop my hands were in my hair constantly. I found that low manipulation is just as important as the other tips mentioned. Reducing the excessing combing, brushing, and styling enhance your chances of growing healthy hair. By cutting the amount of tension on your hair you can reduce the chances of breakage. Protective styles and wrapping your hair in a pineapple at night are just two different hair care regimens for low manipulation. 

5. Hair Trims- Split ends are your worst enemy and trimming your hair is a necessity. As soon as you see your ends looking raggedy, splitting, knotting, or sticking to your clothes it's time to see your hairstylist. Trimming your ends helps reduce breakage due to split ends and reduces hair breakage. I pay very close attention to my hair during washdays so I usually get my hair trimmed every 3-6 months. My stylist at Salon Noa in Virginia Beach, VA carefully preps my hair, deep conditions and uses a technique to ensure my hair receives a limited amount of heat as possible before and after trimming my hair.

Growing healthy hair is very easy; just remember it's not going to grow at overnight. Patience is definitely necessary but if you follow these 5 tips, you will get the great results. Be sure to track your progress with pictures, I noticed when I tracked my growth with pictures I saw my hair growth over time. I hope these tips helped clarify any questions you needed! Remember, to stay Phresh, Be You and Be Great. 


Natrulee Phresh 



*Disclaimer* This was not a paid ad these are my personal experiences and opinions.