Mommy and Daughter Haircare using Tree Naturals

Hey Y'all!

I want to share with you a product that both Jaiden and I have been using. I've previously tried two products from Tree Naturals line (which I will discussing) and I've purchased two additional products (that I will be discussing later) to see if our hair would be happy. Today, I'm going to share with you my thoughts on Tree Naturals Natasha's Whipped Growth Butter and Rice Flower and Shea Leave in Conditioner. I've heard about Tree Naturals hair products before but I thoroughly learned more about the product line at an event held by Salon Noa in Virginia Beach, VA. 

When it comes to trying new hair products I am very hesitant and need to research the ingredients because I have seborrheic dermatitis, so my scalp and skin is very sensitive. Not only that, I want to make sure that I apply the best products with the best ingredients in both daughter and I's hair. During the event I asked several questions about the product and afterwards I purchased Natasha's Whipped Growth Butter and Leave in Conditioner. During that time, I was looking for a good product for Jaiden's hair that would hold moisture because I noticed her hair starting to get dry. 

After washing and deep conditioning Jaiden's hair, I applied Tree naturals Rice Flower and Shea Leave in Conditioner. This leave in conditioner had her hair feeling like a pillow, nice and soft. Jaiden's hair type is very different from mine, it's more coarse and sometimes it can be a pain to manage but Tree Naturals leave in conditioner helped make detangling and styling easy. After, I finished applying and detangling Jaiden's hair; I began to style it with Natasha's Whipped Growth Butter. I noticed an immediate shine left on her hair and it was definitely moisturized. After a few days passed by I added a little more of the growth butter to Jaiden's hair strands for my sanity although her hair still looked phresh and moist. I also love the smell of the products they have an earthy smell that's not overpowering. 

As I mentioned earlier, my hair texture is very different from Jaiden's hair. When I styled my hair with Tree Naturals Rice Flower and Shea Leave in Conditioner and Natasha's Whipped Growth Butter I was worried about how my hair would respond to the hair butter. Most hair butters weigh my hair down but I was very happy with my results; my hair felt soft and lightweight. I twisted my hair and after unraveling my twist the definition was amazing, with minimum frizz. After using these two products with different hairstyles for Jaiden and I's hair, I would definitely recommend trying the line. I will be reviewing the other two products that I purchased soon but in the mean time check out a few of our results using Tree Naturals.