A Successful Twist Out Part 2

Hello Everyone,

         In my last post I gave you all the information to have a successful twist out. Today, I will explain how to unravel a two-strand twist in order to have an amazing twist out for your mini me. If you follow these simple steps you will achieve amazing results that will last for days at a time. First, you should start by sectioning the hair with a hair clip this will help you manage the hair so that you wont miss any twist. Trust me, its very frustrating trying to figure out if you forgot to unravel a two-strand twist and going back through the hair creating frizz. This process will make things easier for you and it will also reduce the time you spend unraveling the twist. 

         Next, you want to apply Curly Q Gel-les'c to the ends of each two-strand twist. By doing this, it will help loosen the ends in order for you to easily managed. Also, it will tame any unwanted frizz you may have from the past few days of wearing the two-strand twist. A little goes a long way with this product so you only need a small portion on your finger to apply to the ends of each twist. After you apply the Curly Q Gel-les'c to your little one's tresses, unravel each twist until you're done.

        After you finish unraveling the two-strand twist you want to pick out the hair to hide the parts and if you want your child's hair bigger continue to pick his or her hair to your liking. You can start off by picking out the middle and working my way around the perimeter of the hair. Make sure you gently pick out your child's hair, tugging too hard will cause breakage and too much tension to the hair is detrimental to hair growth. 

      Lastly, style the twist out however you see fit and use Curls Blueberry Edge Control Paste to lay down the edges. If you would like, you can let the hair down with or without a headband. Jaiden wanted the front of her hair in a bun and the rest out. You can also style your child's hair in two pony tails which is one of my favorites for Jaiden. I love styling my child's hair in a twist out because it's easy maintenance. Curly Q's help me achieve this perfect hairstyle in less than ten minutes. I was very satisfied with the results especially because I left Jaiden's two-strand twist in her hair for a week. Curly Q's kept her hair soft throughout the week and it helped me with the process of unraveling her hair. 

Thank you for learning more about obtaining a successful twist out for your child. Stay tuned for more reviews and hair tips and feel free to share. You can also learn about the Curly Q's product at www.curls.biz 

                *This post is sponsored by Curly Qs. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*