A successful Twist Out using Curly Q's

          *This post is sponsored by Curly Qs. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

  A twist out is a great hairstyle for kids, especially little girls. I love to style my daughter Jaiden’s hair in a twist out because I can style her hair in many different ways without a lot of tension. It’s a perfect protective hairstyle that can last for days at a time. My go to hair product for Jaiden’s hair is Curls Curly Q’s curl care for kids. Curls is a great hair product because the ingredients are natural and organic, this ensures that she will get the nourishment needed for her hair to be healthy and long. The steps needed to have a successful twist out using Curls Curly Q’s for kids are as followed:

            First, you want to cleanse your child’s hair by using Curls sulfate free shampoo called Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream that gently cleanses your mini me’s hair. This shampoo provides a nice lather and is infused with Carrot seed oil, Horse Chestnut, Sage Leaf and Arnica Montana Flower Extract. I used this shampoo on Jaiden’s hair and it left her 4a hair feeling soft and it thoroughly cleansed her hair in one wash.

            A great follow up to Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream is the Coconut Dream Conditioner; it’s great for detangling and rehydrating you child’s hair. Also, you can use this conditioner as a co-wash, this will help keep your child’s hair moisturized and strengthen his or her hair shaft. If you’re not familiar with Co-washing here are the simple steps. When I co-wash Jaiden’s hair I first, rinse her hair with warm water and apply the Coconut Dream Conditioner. After I apply the conditioner, I gently massage her scalp and hair with my hands. Then, I section her hair while the conditioner is still in her hair and either finger detangle or comb her hair with a wide toothcomb. Lastly, I rinse her hair out with cold water to minimize frizz in order to close her hair cuticles to seal in the moisture from the conditioner.

          After, completing these two steps you can you use a moisturizer and detangler from the Curly Q’s brand. I applied the Curly Q Milkshake on Jaiden’s hair to further moisturize her hair. This product is a lightweight hair lotion made with organic Aloe leaf juice and pure coconut. I noticed that my daughter’s hair remained tangle free and immediately softened as I raked the product in her hair. What’s so amazing about this product is its doesn’t weigh your child’s hair down and it smells good. Then, I follow up with Curly Q Gel-les’c (Jealousy) a curl gel/shine serum to tame any frizz and add more shine to Jaiden’s hair. This gel is very lightweight and it holds curls in place without having a hard coating leaving Jaiden’s hair soft.

         When I switched my child’s hair products I noticed the overall growth and health of her hair. It was very difficult for me to find a product and simple hairstyle that can successfully work for her hair type. Curly Q’s has provided quality ingredients that meet the needs of my child’s coarse hair. Also, it has made styling easy for me so that Jaiden has a successful twist out that remains moist throughout the week. Overall, I would personally recommend Curly Q’s to any and everyone for the overall health of your child’s hair and allow you to make hairstyle such as a twist out easy and successful.