6 Ways to help grow Healthy Natural Hair!

 1 Year and 8 months of hair growth.

1 Year and 8 months of hair growth.

1.     Protective styling-

This styling technique is a quick way to use low manipulation on your hair. It helps prevent hair fatigue from excess pulling, heat damage and breakage. This is a simple way to save time and stay trendy while growing your hair.

2.     Healthy eating habits-

 Are very essential to hair growth and your overall health. Your body needs certain vitamins in order for it to function right. Make sure you consume water, fruits and vegetables daily.

3.     Remember to deep condition once a week-

By doing this, it helps reduce breakage because it penetrates your hair shaft and helps improves the elasticity in your hair.

4.     Evaluate your hair strands and trim as needed-

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair. You have to make sure you maintain it and trim it as needed. Some stylist say to trim every 4-6 weeks, but as you learn your hair you could possibly extend trimming your hair.

5.     Sulfate free shampoo-

Does not contain harmful chemicals! It allows your hair to maintain it's natural oils and helps retain moisture. This shampoo also benefits people with sensitive scalps and reduces dryness in your hair.

6.     Healthy hair needs to be moisturized!

       This is the key to prevent breakage. Make sure your hair is moisturized daily! The LOC method is a very effective way to keep your hair moisturized. If you haven’t heard of the LOC method it’s Liquid- Water or a water based product such as leave in conditioner, Oil- any oil that you prefer such as olive oil, coconut oil etc. and Cream- this consist of any cream or gel of your choice.

I have been using the LOC method since I big chopped and my hair has grown so much and is very healthy.


Make sure you keep these tips in mind!