What age should a child be able to dress themselves?

            As a parent, I get asked all the time. Does your daughter dress herself? And the answer is YES. Now, sometimes when we’re in a rush; I hurry up and grab her clothes. My daughter is a little diva and I learned my lesson very quickly not to argue with a toddler (at the time) when you’re in a rush. Let me briefly describe to you how it was; lots of whining, crying and frustration to say the least. I began letting Jaiden pick out her clothes when she started Pre- Kindergarten at the age of four years old. While she picked out her clothes I helped assist her. I made it educational for her by having her tell me what colors she was picking and how they matched together.

             I began to let my daughter Jaiden dress herself because I wanted her to gain her own independence and also let her channel her own creativity. I started off by assisting her and now she picks her clothes out with no problem (while I observe). She’s already claiming my heels and dresses in my closet. Unfortunately, she’s about a shoe size and a half away from me and she’s only seven years old.  I already know she’s going to be taller than me and I’ve partially accepted it. Needless to say, I’m amazed at Jaiden’s sense of fashion. She absolutely loves heels, boots (if she could only wear them all year lol), anything glitter and pink, of course! While I sit back and allow Jaiden to choose her clothes for whatever occasion, I can see that she has gained confidence in herself. She is who she is, and it’s okay! One day at the mall, we walked by a payless and immediately she saw a big picture of a pair of Liv and Maddie shoes. Let me tell you Liv and Maddie is one of her FAVORITE Disney channel shows. Like, who doesn’t like Liv and Maddie? (Jaiden would say). I allowed her to get the shoes and she still wears them proudly today! I don’t limit her on what store she can get her clothes or shoes. Whatever is reasonable in price, comfortable for her and something we can all agree upon.

            So, to all of the parents I say give it a try and let your child (ren) pick out their clothes with assistance. Nine times out of ten they want to dress like you. I personally think the earlier the better. It will help with with your child's development because they will use different skill sets. It's also a positive way to establish good self- esteem because they accomplished something. I’ll warn you now and tell you there will be days your child will have on something mix matched (I only accepted it when I knew we were staying in the house). Also, be aware that his/ her favorite pants, shirt, or shoes has to go with everything!!! The beauty of it is seeing your child’s growth and maturity.  Finally, I love how Jaiden and I bond while we go shopping and picking out clothes. Quality time is always important between a parent and a child and this is a simple way to make lasting memories!!! 

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